Trevor MacArthur DO, MSCCO.

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Osteopaths treat all joints in the body, not just the spine!

What happens at your first visit

At your initial consultation your symptoms will be discussed and questions asked about your general health and lifestyle. Your medical history, including previous illness, medication, trauma, surgery and family history will also be reviewed.

Physical examination for the cause of pain

During the examination it is usually necessary to examine other areas of the body, since the problem area has to be viewed in context with the complete structure. For example, neck pain can be due to compensation for a curvature lower down the spine, or knee pain can be caused by a misaligned pelvis. You will therefore be guided through a range of simple mobility and orthopaedic tests and a neurological examination as relevant. Your pulse and blood pressure may also be taken.

Treatment, advice, exercises

After the examination any findings will be discussed and if appropriate, treatment will be initiated. Advice will be given to support the treatment and exercises may also be given. Further investigations such as X-rays or an MRI scan are occasionally advised. You may feel some discomfort for the first 24-48 hours after treatment. Please feel free to telephone should you have any concerns.

How many treatments are required

This depends on the condition. For example, a long standing or traumatic condition may require more treatment than a more recent simple strain that may require only one, two or three treatments. However, patients are under no obligation and, if appropriate, are welcome to try only one or several treatments as they choose. Where a patient has chosen to have a course of treatment, progress is monitored at each appointment and moderated accordingly.

Anything you’re not sure about please telephone:

01904 659588