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Osteopaths also treat muscular problems, not just the spine or bones as many people think!

Treatment for a range of conditions

Osteopathy can help with a range of conditions where the cause is mechanical or soft tissue in origin. Other conditions not normally considered as having a mechanical cause, such as some digestive problems, may also respond to osteopathic treatment.

Conditions we commonly treat

• Back pain and lumbago
• Neck pain, torticollis
• Sciatica, neuralgia and ‘trapped nerves’
• Numbness and ‘pins and needles’
• Headache and migraine
• Shoulder pain and ‘frozen shoulder’
• Elbow pain and ‘tennis / golfer’s elbow’
• Wrist and hand pain
• Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
• Muscle pain, spasm and cramp
• Arthritic and rheumatic pain
• Minor sports injuries
• ‘Restless leg syndrome’

Telephone to see if osteopathy can help you

Osteopathy can help with many other conditions. If your symptoms are not listed, please telephone to enquire whether osteopathy might be effective for you.

Please telephone if you wish to discuss your symptoms.

01904 659588